Resurrection comes early this year

IT started with the great caterpillar killing. They were just oozing all over the plant in a manner which shocked me. The yellow and black ones, 12 or 15 of them. Which turned into 24 or 30 caterpillar halves. Then I cut the plant’s soggy stalks to stumps.

And lo! On the fifth day there rose a stem bearing pink pods.


Which, soon thereafter, opened wide and swallowed me right up.


When I resurfaced, these two lines (from Li-Young Lee’s Have you prayed which came to me from Anthea Garman) were waiting to take me back to shore:

a flower is one station between

earth’s wish and earth’s rapture

The poem is not about March Lilies, not per se. But a March Lily in a Grahamstown February can be a prayer.


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