Breast cancer and Babs made me blog

After I stared down the barrel of breast cancer, I saw (a) why wait and (b) who cares. And I already had this picture of Babs, a symphony in a jpg. I see light like Babongile’s a lot because I hang around students a lot.


This was meant to be a picture of Babs working. In a news meeting. When my lightswitch first flickered, she had an orange jellytot between finger and thumb and the symphony rhymed perfectly.  By the time I had my camera, she’d finished the sweets and started thinking. So this is a picture of Babs thinking. In the Grocott’s Mail newsroom.

In addition to the journalism students who populate my days, I also see stars a lot. Often because I’m delirious but mostly because they make light so damn well. Even so, sometimes we’re so busy being blinded by the dark that we just don’t see the light. This blog hopes to switch that.


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